Weekly Report 04 – 01/26/2022

Spot metrics settle into the new year during the latest week

Spot market volume and rates in the system generally eased in line with seasonal expectations during the week ended January 21 (week 3), although both metrics remain far above normal levels. Total volume declined 4.1% while total spot rates eased by more than 6 cents per mile. Flatbed load postings increased slightly, but volume and rates otherwise were lower week over week in all segments. Total volume was about 58% higher than the same 2021 week. Total rates were nearly 26% higher.

Total Market demand index

Truck postings declined 1.0%. The Market Demand Index – the ratio of loads to trucks in the system – decreased, but the MDI for flatbed rose to its highest level since June.

Dry Van Spot Loads

Dry van load postings decreased 10.2% after ticking up 0.3% the week before. Load postings were about 94% higher than the same 2021 week and more than triple the five-year average for the week.

Refrigerated Spot Loads

Refrigerated volume fell 11.2% after declining 12.3% in the previous week. Refrigerated volume was nearly 122% higher than the same 2021 week and, like dry van, more than triple the five-year average.

Flatbed Spot Loads

Flatbed load postings increased 3.6% after jumping 21.8% in the prior week. Volume was the strongest since June. Load postings were about 32% higher than the same week last year and about 162% above the five-year average.

Total Spot Rates

Refrigerated led to a decline in rates at nearly 12 cents. Refrigerated rates, which are about 49% higher than the same 2021 week, are down nearly 37 cents in the past three weeks. However, that decline followed a 68-cent surge during the holidays. Dry van rates declined nearly 3 cents and were about 35% higher than the same week last year. Flatbed rates fell more than 4 cents and were about 18% higher year over year.



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