Fun Fact Friday – New Airless Tires

Hi guys, for this Fun Fact Friday we are going to show you guys some very cool information about the new NASA´s created startup based in California SMART. These guys are bringing NASA´s technology down to earth and creating some very cool airless tires, which will be great for the environment and super safe (they can´t go flat). We hope you guys enjoy it!! We keep working to continue building relationships through great service! We are available 24/7, helping keep your company moving so you can stay safe at home. Load supervision at all times, live updates 24/7 & on time delivery! Building relationships creating solutions in every direction. #stayhome #wekeepyoumoving #customercare #logistica #logisticsmanagement #freightbroker #project #supplychainmanagement #supplychain #funfacts #funfact #funfactfriday #airlesstires

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